Bleeding Edge Motion Control

Cosine is leading the pack in additive manufacturing by integrating our AM1 with a new motion control system. The new 64 Axis motion controller provides faster file uploads, improved stability, and a feature-rich platform for future product upgrades. The new system increases print head acceleration and has positional accuracy of 50nm, improving the print quality. If you're interested in upgrading your AM1, contact


  • 50nm positional accuracy with Renishaw linear encoders
  • Temperature compensation
  • Input shaping
  • Ethercat enabled
  • Up to 36,000 input/output channels
  • Higher accelerations
  • Higher rapid speeds
  • Higher print speeds / less print time
  • True 3D printing (simultaneous 3-axis printing)

10x Cheaper Material on Your AM1

After a year in development, Cosine is excited to release our Pellet Feed System and will begin manufacturing this product for the AM1. By switching to pellet, we are capable of running a wider variety of polymer resin systems at an increased deposition rate of up to 10 lbs/hr. Printing with pellets is 10x faster and 10x cheaper than printing with filament. Existing customers can extend the capabilities of their AM1 by upgrading to the Pellet Feed System. Contact for more information.

Our Z-Axis Just Got A New Upgrade

After thousands of hours of run time, we've learned a few things we'd like to improve on our AM1. When we added the pellet feed system, we increased the load on our gantry significantly and pushed the gantry framework to its limits. An upgrade was necessary, so we chose the beefiest gearbox we could get our hands on. With our new box, our AM1 can carry up to 60lb loads and move at a faster pace along the Z axis than ever before! Contact us for more information.

3D Printed Dress

Expandable dress designed by Mariale Mora-Sanchez.

Mariale Mora-Sanchez is one of our interns here at Cosine and an industrial design student from the University of Houston. She designed a 3D printed an expandable dress out of flexible material and printed it with our AM1. Here's her presentation about it.

Service Engineer, Felix and Maria, wearing her dress

Service Engineer, Felix and Maria, wearing her dress

Print of the day: Split Patterns for casting valve bodies

What we printed today! Split form patterns for casting a 90lb steel safety valve. We firmly believe that casting is one of the right applications for large format filament printing! 

  • 1mm Nozzle
  • ABS Material
  • 1.8kg
  • 10" x 12" x 6" 
  • 13hr print time
  • 4,400 mm/min
  • 75C chamber temperature


Note the steaming popping in this part. It's due to the ABS picking up moisture during the printing process. We're working on a heated vacuum spool cart to help prevent this problem. It's a tough one!

After one application of Evercoat Featherfill. Never again apply bondo by hand! Take about 10 minutes to spray and 20 minutes to sand. There is a time/resolution tradeoff that is always present with printing. For larger prints, it's often times better to choose a larger layer thickness to save 12+ hours in printing, and perform a half hour of post processing to achieve the final desired surface finish. 









Print of the day. Variable Layer "Time is Money" Tower

This is what we call the "Time is Money" tower.  There is a constant desire to have the best possible surface finish with prints, but it comes at the price of time. We're created a sample that shows this concept very plainly. Each one inch section of the tower is done at a different layer thickness. 

.1mm layer = 360 RMS = 102 minutes

.2mm layer = 590 RMS = 51 minutes

.3mm layer = 720 RMS =  35 minutes

.4mm layer = 950 RMS = 26 minutes

.5mm layer = 1100 RMS = 21 minutes

Polycarbonate-PBT Wing

What we printed today! This was a monster print. PBT is used extensively in the electrical industry and remains largely undiscovered in the 3d printer world. The PC-PBT ( has amazing strength and stiffness, but for a print this large it requires a HOT chamber. We ran at 100C for the duration of the print. 

  • 1mm Nozzle
  • ABS Material
  • 7kg
  • 32" x 12" x 10" 
  • 72hr print time
  • 2,500 mm/min
  • 100C chamber temperature
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