Software Updates


In order for our industrial 3D printers to work properly, we need to make sure they are in the best shape that they can possibly be. We do this by adding all the necessary minor updates every week and major updates every month.

Recently, we’ve added several software updates that greatly improve the printer’s performance.

EXTRUSION MULTIPLIERS - We can have different extrusion multipliers for the outer perimeter, the inner perimeter, the infill, the solid infill, and the support. This is a level of control we are currently unable to achieve by using a slicer alone. This gives our printers a significant improvement in print speed and quality.


PRINT RECOVERY - we added a print recovery feature. This will allow us to recover a print if it fails in the middle of the process so we don’t lose the print. By not having to restart a failed print, you save a lot of time, effort, as well as material.


DEVIATION - we now have the ability to change the deviation for different sections of a print. For example, we can increase the deviation for just the infill, which will round the corners. By rounding the corners of just the infill section, we are able to dramatically increase the print speed of the overall print, without sacrificing the quality of the print.


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Edge of Tomorrow Sword

Ever fantasized about wielding your favorite weapon from your favorite movie or TV series? Fortunately enough, we were able to experience that feeling with the helicopter sword from the blockbuster movie, Edge of Tomorrow!

Our first step was to obtain an STL file to import into the AM1. We contacted DmitriyKotlyar, an extremely talented artist that designed the Heli Blade. We will leave you the link to his CG Trader here:


After adding the file into the AM1 Industrial 3D printer, we slice the sword in TWO so we can have the best detail in both faces.

By doing that, we also save precious time and materials in case something went wrong.


The material that we chose was PC+PBT (polycarbonate + polybutylene terephthalate). This material is as stiff as it is ductile, highly chemical-resistant, with good structural integrity, excellent load-bearing performance, and drop impact resistance (in case our client ... or us… had some watermelon slicing to do). This material is easy to print, but requires a heated build chamber to print in large scale.


We started the print with a 1.0 mm nozzle and a 0.1 mm layer height. We input as a personal touch a honeybee shape filler to make it as lightweight as possible, but also have a high impact distribution and resistance. Basically, we made it wieldable.

Each side took 12 hours to print. Overall, 2 working days in total.


After those two days, we glued each side with Epoxy. This glue is very efficient and widely used for XL or Big 3D printed parts. When its dry, the Epoxy is so strong it’s almost guaranteed it won’t come undone.

Now that we had a unified sword, we sanded down any imperfections. We started with an 80 grid on the flat side, and finished with a 240 grid for a smoother texture and to preserve the details on the hilt.

After all these steps, we just had to do the painting.

We start with a coat of primer to fill any gaps and to ensure that the black paint is going to be well attached to the sword. Then, we wait until the paint has dried and we paint the silver details.


Finally, we 3D printed a stencil, that we sprayed white paint on top of the sword.

When we finished, we thought it would be a great idea to slice a watermelon with it… and FILM IT! Scroll down to watch the whole video!

To be honest, we were not quite sure if the sword would even cut halfway through the watermelon. But to our complete surprise, it sliced ALL THE WAY!

From start to finish, this project was extremely fun and we are really excited to do it again.

Please let us know when you need our help creating your next prop!

If you are interested in buying your own Edge of Tomorrow Sword, Sanded, Primed & Painted 45"(1.14m) it’s only $720!

Material Validation

pellet bowl.jpg

Cosine is proud to validate materials in house with the AM1, expanding our Materials Database. By using our Pellet Feed System, we test materials with the AM1 for our customers interested in printing with us. With testing, we find the optimal settings for different kind of materials to print for future use.

At RAPID 2018, we will showcase the AM1 and already tested materials, so stop by to see us at booth 1030.

Contact us to test your material with the AM1 today!

March Newsletter


Mark Your Calendars

Don't forget that the RAPID + tct show at Fort Worth is coming up! We'll be showcasing 3 of our machines along with our many other parts at booth 1030, so mark your calendars for April 24-26, 2018. Contact us to find out how to attend!


Unveiling Something Big


We are so excited to be going to the RAPID + tct show! Cosine wants to share with you our newest and updated upgrades along unveiling something big! Keep looking for clues on what we could be revealing.


Attend RAPID for Free


You could attend RAPID + tct show for free! Contact us and we will provide you with the means to sign up at no cost. Spots are filling up fast, so hurry and claim your spot!

January 2018 Newsletter



What to Expect for 2018

Cosine plans to move forward this year continuing on from last year of 2017. Expect new updates to the software of the AM1, along with continuing R&D projects. Learn more on our blog.

St. Thomas Post.jpg



It's a new year, and we are starting off right as we install our first machine of 2018. University of St. Thomas-Houston will be receiving an AM1 just in time for the spring semester!  Learn more here.


Exciting News at RAPID

Mark your calendars for April 24-26 of 2018. Cosine will be revealing some exciting news at RAPID 2018 in Fort Worth, TX. Look for new hints each month on what we could be revealing!

mystery print - edited and resized.jpg

December Newsletter

December Header.jpg

2017 Review

The year 2017 is coming to a close and Cosine has done so much. Read more about all the developments and updates, such as our development of the Pellet Feed System and the addition of the Materials Database.  

Come see us at RAPID!

Mark your calendars for April 24-26 in 2018. Cosine has officially signed up to be at RAPID 2018 happening in Fort Worth, TX. Learn more on how to attend and see us at booth 1030.

Alliant Castings Approval

Click the video to hear directly from one of our clients, Alliant Castings,on how our AM1 changed their industry. To experience Cosine's great customer service, contact us to start your project today!

2017 Review


Cosine has reached great accomplishments in 2017






  • Hurricane Harvey brought the city of Houston together


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November Newsletter


Material Testing Additions

We are always testing new materials to find the optimal settings to add to our Materials Database. See which material could suit your project today!

Printing PEEK at $19/lb

After thorough testing, Cosine is now able to print with PEEK at $19/lb with our Pellet Feed System. Learn more about PEEK and how this material can benefit your project.

ULTEM at $17/lb

Introducing ULTEM, an exciting new addition to our Materials Database. You can print this material with our Pellet Feed System at $17/hr. Learn more about how to choose ULTEM  for your project here. 


Printing with PEEK

PEEK is a colorless, high-performing engineering plastic known to withstand harsh chemicals and high temperatures. With the capability of keeping form at temperatures up to 330°F, PEEK has been a top choice of materials used for aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, and many more.

After thorough testing, Cosine can now print with PEEK at $19/lb with our Pellet Feed System, providing yet another great material to add to the hundreds of those in our Materials Database.

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Printing ULTEM

ULTEM is a polymer with outstanding strength that is heat and flame resistant. ULTEM's astonishing durability and remarkable thermal and chemical stability, makes ULTEM one of the top materials used in automotive, aerospace, and medical industries.

Printing parts with these properties are now possible with Cosine Additive. After thorough testing, Cosine can now print with ULTEM at $17/lb with our Pellet Feed system, proudly adding another great material to our Materials Database.

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Adding More With Material Testing

Our pellet feed extruder and high heat enclosed chamber allows a wider range in material printability. With our open materials philosophy, we now have over 500 materials logged into our Materials Database and growing. Customers have the best optimal settings for different materials, resulting in the ideal print and application specifically for the AM1

Start testing your unique material with us today!

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