While your printer is under maintenance, we will perform your prints at our headquarters. We will send one of our Cosine expert technicians within a one week period. Standardized shipping is covered; however, all we ask of you is to cover materials costs. This warranty will ensure that your prints won't miss their deadline.

Diagnosis call.png

Call Us for a Diagnosis

Cosine Support will troubleshoot your problem and identify the appropriate replacement hardware.

Small Parts

If the part is easy to install, the customer will receive the part alongside an installation guide.

Large/Complex Parts

If the part is too large or complex for customers to install themselves, we will schedule a Cosine engineer to visit your facility and install the part.

Ship Replacement

Within 24 hours of your call, a Cosine representative will have your replacement part packed & ready for shipment.


Freight Replacement

Within 48 hours of your call, the designated part will be packed and ready for freight.

Phone Support

Our support team will personally guide you through the installation process via phone.


Cosine Flies to Facility

Cosine will schedule one of our engineers to visit your facility and install the part (usually within a week).


Diagnosis call.png

Call us & verify the issue

if you're having trouble with your printer, please contact our support team and we can diagnose your problem. You will speak to a Cosine specialist to analyze your issue.

Send Files & Set a Deadline

Once you've spoken to one of our specialists, you will send your GCode files. As soon as we have received your files, a Cosine expert technician will contact you. we will work together on creating your print and establishing an optimal deadline.


Print Part

With everything in place, we will execute the print in a timely manner. Meanwhile, your printer will be under maintenance.


Pack and Ship

Once your print is complete, we will package and ship your part to you based upon your shipping specifications.

Our shipping policy includes standard ground shipping bu does NOT include the following:

  • expedited shipping

  • material cost

Invoice Sent

Once your receive your part, we will send you an invoice detailing the final cost.

Please note that although we ask you to cover costs of materials, be aware that you are normally responsible in covering your own material costs. Standardized shipping will be covered. Faster methods we ask that you cover. 

Payments not covered:

  • Costs to ship faster than ground shipping (expedited)

  • Materials costs

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