Material Capabilities

Cosine encourages customers to continue using their own material suppliers or utilize our list of vendors to develop new materials for industry specific applications. Cosine also supplies material upon request. While keeping a high repeat-ability rate is always paramount, by moving to open market materials we allow our customers to find the perfect balance between cost, material quality and customer service.

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PLA PETG ABS Nylon Polycarbonate Ultem PEEK

Basic Enclosed Package


  • 60°C build chamber
  • 215°C heated bed
  • Fixed Aluminium bed
  • Borosilicate glass substrate
  • Onboard computer
  • Easy drawer front access

High Temperature Package

Basic Enclosed Package Plus:

  • 100°C build chamber
  • Expanded material capabilities
  • Electronics and motors rated for high temperature
  • High temperature bearings
  • Improved insulation
  • Double Pane Glass Windows

  • Design

  • 42"x 32" x 34" Build Volume (1075*800*850mm)
  • Fully Enclosed and Heated
  • Synchronized Dual X drive
  • Supersmooth Z motion Architecture
  • FEA Optimized Steel Structure
  • Mechanical

  • Precision Rolled Ballscrews
  • Recirculating Ball Linear Rails
  • Laser Cut / TIG welded frame
  • 100% powdercoat/stainless
  • Ground Aluminum Bed
  • Bed Leveling Suspension
  • Electronics / Software

  • 32 bit motion controller
  • Open Source Slicer Compatible
  • Open Market Materials
  • Closed Loop Brushless servo motors X/Y/Z
  • Thermocouple Temperature Probes
  • Safety Fault Monitoring

Extruder Options

Single Extruder

  • Nozzle diameter from .5mm to 2.5mm
  • Wear resistant Titanium nozzle
  • Heats to 450°C
  • Redundant thermocouples / heaters

  • Included

  • Dual Extruders

    • Single extruder specs +
    • Support + standard nozzle
    • Big nozzle + Small nozzle

    Tandem Extruders

    • Doubles the throughput of a standard AM1
    • Prints 2 identical parts simultaneously
    • Evenly divides the usable print area of the bed
    • Minimizes amount of time and space required

    Nozzle Set

    Cosine Additive currently offers 5 nozzle sizes. Selecting which nozzle is a vital aspect of the FFF printing process. The Nozzle Set give users the maximum versatility to build any geometry they will design.

    .5mm - 1mm - 1.5mm - 2mm - 2.5mm

    Additional Options

    High Speed Motion System

    10,000mm/min XY motion system with dual X brushless motors. Increased amperage power supplies. Brushless extruder drive motor for high volumetric flow.

    Air Ventilation Option

    Our open materials philosophy allows our customers to innovate with limitless possibilities. We strive to help you innovate in the safest possible environment. Our air ventilation option is a further measure to ensure the safety of both machine operators and their environments no matter what kinds of materials they choose to use.

    Spare Parts and Toolkit Options

    This option allows for immediate service and repair should a machine ever require maintenance. Cosine's goal is to minimize downtime and maximize time in production. Also included is a set of each of the tools mentioned in your machine's user manual.

    Open Air Option

    Cosine's mission is to reduce the barrier to high-end industrial additive manufacturing. One of the greatest advantages Cosine provides to our Customers is the ability to upgrade. While an open air system may cost less initially, it significantly reduces repeatability when printing larger parts. An open enclosure introduces warping, splitting and reduced layer strength which leads to increased part failure. Reduces suggested material to PLA and PETG.

    Enclosed Package Without:

    • Doors
    • Safety Interlocks
    • Draft Control

    High Capacity Spool Cart

    Cosine uses 2.85mm filament. Ideal prints come from one continuous strand of filament. The larger the spool the more material you can easily build into a single part. 25kg (55lb) spools are common in our lab and we encourage the same in field.

    Electronics / Upgrade

    • Built in Gigabyte BRIX Computer
    • Intel Core i7 Processor
    • 16gb RAM, SSD
    • Remote Servo Tuning

    • High Resolution Cameras
    • POE Switch
    • Network Video Recorder
    • Ethernet Control Panel

    UPS Battery Backup

    Uninterruptible power supply for up to 8 hours of continuous printing after power loss.

    • Surge Protection
    • Line Filtering
    • Power consumption monitoring

    Service Options

    Manufacturer Direct Service Agreement

    Cosine can directly service customers by helping maintain, troubleshoot and fix their machines. Service agreements include unlimited remote support, on site service technicians and non-wear replacement parts at cost.

    Unlimited Print Program

    Take the hassle out of material procurement. All you can print materials supplied monthly in 50lb spools. Choice of PLA, ABS, PETG. Price per month.

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