Press Releases About Cosine


The First Newshawk: Global Floor-Standing 3D Printer Market 2017 10/17/17

College of Engineering University of Wisconsin-Madison: Researchers bring 3D printing to a 'cool' industry 8/28/17

TrendHunter: Mora-Sanchez and Cosine Additive's WAYUU Explores 3D-Printed Textiles 8/9/17

EEZITEC: This 3D Printed Dress Moves Like Real Fabric 8/6/17 This flexible, expandable 3D printed dress adapts to your body's movement 8/6/17

Additive Manufacturing Today: 3rd Coast Nerds at Comicpalooza 2017: Cosine Additive 3D Printing 

Smart Business: HOUSTEX 2017: Exploring manufactures' top challenges 2/1/17


Make: Power Up Houston at Houston Mini Maker Faire 12/29/16 Cosine Additive Releases New Details on Tandem Simultaneous Printing Mode 10/12/16

Fabbaloo: Cosine Additive Adds "Tandem Mode" 10/7/16

Composites World: Three New 3D Printing Technologies for Composites 7/21/16 Cosine Additive Takes on Traditional Manufacturing with Big, Fast 3D Printing 6/30/16 Cosine Additive to develop ultrafast large-scale AM1 3D printer in partnerhship with ORNL 6/15/16

Machine Design: 3D Printer Gets Splashy Release, But It Won't Change The World 6/14/16

3D Printing Media Network: Cosine Additive Announces Partnership With Oak Ridge National Laboratory 6/10/16

Digital Engineering: 3D Printing with Composite Materials 6/1/16 RAPID 2016: Cosine Additive to Be Accompanied by Essentium Materials This Year... 5/11/16

Solidworks: Cosine Additive, Inc: Accelerating Next-Generation 3D Printer Development with SOLIDWORKS

Appliance Design: Cosine Looks to Change Industrial 3-D Printing Business 4/1/16




Cision PR Newswire: Cosine Additive Announces Production Pricing of Their Ultra-Large Format 3D Printer, the AM1 12/1/15 Cosine Additive unveils new website and pricing structure for large-scale AM1 3D printer 12/1/15

tct Mag: Cosine Announces new website and pricing structure for AM1 3D Printer 11/30/15

Design News: Free Industrial AM Database Adds Over 100 Machines and Materials 9/10/15 Cosine Additive 3D Prints These 1,000 Ounce Coca Cola Bottles 8/31/15

Imprimalia 3D: Cosine Additive launches new large format 3D printer ideal for composite materials 8/13/15

Phoenix: Three new 3D printing technologies for composites

3D Grenzenlos: Cosine Additive presents new 3D large format printer 7/30/15 Cosine Additive Unveils AdditiveMachine1 Large-Format Composite Material 3D Printer 7/29/15 Cosine Additive Unveils Massive AdditiveMachine1 3D Printer--Will 3D Print Kayak & Aircraft Components 7/29/15

3Diligent: Why 3D Printing Stocks have tanked, and why that actually signals great news for the industry 7/28/15

Fabbaloo: The Cosine Additive Machine1 Large-Format 3D Printer 7/28/15

Andrew McCalip: Carbon Fiber + Polycarbonate + Large Format Additive 7/11/15

3DP news: Cosine Additive: bringing composite materials to industrial 3D printing 6/30/15

29Parallel: How To: 3D Printing Startup feat. Cosine Additive 6/18/15

Houston Chronicle: 3-D Printing Gets Push for Mainstream Manufacturing 6/13/15 Top 5 from RAPID 2015 5/28/15 Where Will 3D Technology Take Us Next? 5/22/15

Disruptive: Cosine Additive's Large Scale Solution: The AM-1 3D Printer 5/20/1







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