Warranty information


The Cosine AM1 comes with a 1 year warranty and a NO DOWNTIME GUARANTEE.

  • Free phone support for machine repair consultation

  • Machine repairs are fully covered if the AM1 malfunctions

  • Cosine maintains a ready inventory of machine components if the situation arises that we need to replace something on your AM1

  • Cosine expert technicians will come out to your facility to repair your machine within one week

  • No downtime guarantee: If your printer is having warranty-related issues, Cosine can run the print at Cosine's facility during that time. All we ask of you is to cover the cost of material and expedited shipping.

Print Consultation

  • Unlimited phone support with a Cosine expert

  • File reviews

    • Work directly with a Cosine specialist developing customized settings to achieve the best print quality.

  • Simplify 3D/slicing help

    • Recommendations on slicer settings based on nozzle size, filament material, and print geometry.

  • Failure analysis for prints

    • Analyze G-code for causes of print failure.

    • Check print process settings to correlate with the correct filament material used.

  • Print Consultation available at 7,199 USD per year

*Beginner Certification enrollment is required


Meet Our Support Team

Jacob Jacobson   Director of Technical Support and Customer Service

Jacob Jacobson
Director of Technical Support and Customer Service

Colby Cupit   Senior Software Developer

Colby Cupit
Senior Software Developer

Cosine Additive support rated #1 by our customers

Contact Cosine Support for more information. | 713-357-7590

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